Monday, January 21, 2013

Going the Distance the long distance.....................

Last night i couldn't catches some sleep so i decided to watch a movie on my phone.  After i prepared my clothes that i'm going to use for work for the whole week, then i went to my room and took some rest, while waiting for myself to fall asleep i opened my phone and watch the movie "Going the Distance" starring Drew Barrymore and Justine Long.  This is a story of a Long distance relationship. The movie was really good and i suggest to watch this movie for those couple who are in a long distance relationship. 

Entering in a long distance relationship is like taking a risk, you wouldn't know what will happen next once you get in there.  

Yes indeed! having  a long distance relationship is really tough and rough. Just like what's movie trying to say.  For both Erin and Garrett they spend their time texting, chatting, exchanging emails and talking thru phone which is normal for a couple who's in the same kind of relationship. But it's not enough it always came to a point that sometimes you both get tired of those kind of set up, well it is really a plus factor if your guy fly to your place to visit you and surprise you and spend time together but how long it will take?

Keeping and maintaining  this kind of relationship is really not simple but doesn't have to be complicated.  If you are in LDR you should both matured enough to think and ready to commit in this type. 
You have to fully trust your partner, understand each other and give enough time for each other in order to make your relationship last long.
Remember your partner is not always be there beside you physically to comfort you, or give you a hug or a kiss whenever you're upset or not feel good or whatever emotions you feel each day.  Its not going to be easy its going to be hard and you really gonna work on it everyday.

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You both should be brave enough to face all the struggles in your relationship, and if you succeed in the end you'll end up together. Not all couples in a long distance relationship end in a good way some are successful some are not, for some it may work but most of the time it's not.  But if there's a will there's a way!! If you really feel that you both belong for each other then don't let the chances pass just give a little patience and effort and everything will be okay never give up easily!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Madness!

when random things and boredom combined
Its Friday madness!! I am here now in front of my computer, i am lost for almost a week now so eager to move and go somewhere due to things that keep popping in my head.  Today i was teary eyed while i was talking to an officemate. I told her that i want to go somewhere, knowing me as a real wanderlust i can able to go to a place on my own, i can do solo backpacking.  Maybe what i felt right now was because of a high level of stress. Stress to all the things that happened during last weekend.  Whenever i felt this all i want is to escape even just for a day to relieved the stress.  Plus the fact that until now i am worried about my application and in my documents if it's already arrived at the right time and at the right place. I don't know! I'm exasperated, another thing was i have had a roller coaster emotional feeling during last weekend. :'( But i am still thankful i had a very good friend who understand me and love me inside and out.
Oh please stress! stay away from me!!i really hate this feeling...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The feeling is mutual

Inside Manila Post Office
Last year Dec. 26, 2012 i went to Manila Post Office, actually it was my first time to visit the place, when i entered the vicinity i headed to foreign counter to ask someone how long my document will take to reach it's destination then she told me it will took a month, and she told me if i want a faster transaction delivery i can go to the EMS counter, when i went at the EMS counter the staff told me it cost 1450 and it only took not more than one week, but since i'm on a tight budget that time due to holiday season i went back to the first window and asked her again if there's such other track which is faster than one month, she told me none. Since i have no choice but to accept it i went to the cashier and paid for it.  The cashier weighted my long legal size enveloped and it cost Php 170.00.   I asked the cashier how long it will take and she told me it took only 10-15 days to reach it's destination because according to her it's via airmail and the other one that the first staff told me was an ordinary mail that's why it will took a month. I can't understand my feeling during that time, all i know was the first time i felt it was six years ago when i sent my documents in a college that I'm applied for scholarship. Now i felt it again and that feeling was mutual.  I am hoping that i could get in the scholarship. I'll keep my finger cross =). But now i will wait until the final result comes out..=)