Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends come and go

It was 2008 when i was started to work as a Student Intern in De La Salle Philippines, mixed emotions that's what i felt that time, happy because finally I'm going to work in an office ambiance again and meet new friends which is i really love..:D at first i was afraid to mingle to my co interns coz most of them are came from La Salle main unlike me i am from Benilde but schools are not reason for us not to unite and spend our time together.  The school term ends but not our friendship, some didn't continue their contract, while some decided to leave and stay in other country, most of my co intern since in my first batch was already graduate, facing the corporate world and enjoying their own lives.. I miss all of them, specially khris,patricia, joan tan, hannah, paola, micha, jen mike, wing, and many more, too many to mention..:D we still keep in touch from time to time but limited because of their busy sched...hope to see you again guys... :D thanks for the good company and for the good memories...

Friday, March 19, 2010

One million trees and beyond Part 2 (Orion, Bataan)

March 7, 2010 we went to Orion Bataan for the One million trees campaign of La Salle. Most of the students who joined were BASAP from Batch 13 to 15,all came from DLS-CSB. when we were in the exact place this picture exactly we saw..dismay the only thing we felt that time, because of the garbage's coming from the busy area of Manila bay..People from there especially in Mall of Asia don't know that the garbage they threw to the sea are going directly to the water area of Orion Bataan.. :'( sad but its true...That's one reason why when the typhoon Ondoy was came in year 2009 many house's, people and even animals were suffered.

One Million tress Part 1(Botolan, Zambales)

It was November 2009 when me and my classmates joined in the One million trees campaign of La Salle. First stop at the Lakeshore in Mexico Pampanga!!fun!!!picture taking galore!!after that we proceed to the target place which is Botolan Zambales, where most Aita's live in that place. Its nice to hear that there are many La Sallian students  already went there to plant and experienced also the nice view of the whole Zambales once you are in the top of that mountain.. =) Tiring but fun!! me and my friends look forward for more tree planting activities!!Animo Benilde!!Animo La Salle! =)