Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turned to Shades of Gray.......

A simple hi and hello means so much. 
I love the fact that you once made me smile 
and same as i do for you.  
Positive vibes turns to happiness, notices by people 
surrounded by you.
I love the way our conversations started.
I like the way we exchanges our thoughts
the way we've become true to ourselves.
and most specially I love who you are!
we  made things possible in spite the distances.
You don't know how much happiness you brought to me 
during those past days and nights.
You always made me worried
but you know how to take it away.

But things suddenly changed
those colorful days turned to the 
Shades of Gray
You gave up easily,You left unexpectedly,
We don't talk anymore
and i was left lost and empty.
Sweet curves in my lips was gone
Lonely nights pure of tears and sob.
My heart is in mourning.
and I keep on waiting.

How can i tell you
if your not here anymore

and i'm not moving in the place were you left me
coz i am still waiting and hoping
that one day you'll be back again...


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Are you fond of reading and you love books? Then this is your chance to attend and witness the exciting event in Manila.  The 33rd Manila International Book Fair is to be held on Sept. 12 - 16, 2012 at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.  This is the longest book fair in Asia. MIBF has lots of participating exhibitors from different Publishing Company. Gate Opens at 10:00 am - 8:00pm. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Life goes on...

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I never forget a professor who is concerned much like a father, gave advices and words of wisdom to his students he handled, and i found it all to this man named Mr. Brendan Yu.  Decemeber 2010 to be axact, date of my defense that was my first time and my close encounter of this high caliber professor, at first i was intimidated by him but after those words he threw me lots of good advices, he gave lots of encouragements and he push my limits to gave my all in my paper. He always believed in the capacity of his students, for him your fate is not base on your paper but on how you deal with if you're already in the outside world(Corporate World). He's an inspiration of each student and he has a most kind hearted person.

Thank you sir Brendan for opening our eyes and our mind to the reality, for sharing your knowledge to us. I am very grateful that we cross our path even for just a short period of time, i will never forget a very good professor like you.

It's really hard to say good bye but we all know that this is not the end.  We'll always remember you as a good person and an inspiration.

I salute you for being such a good man! Kudos to all your kind deeds..
Rest In Peace sir! DLSU-CSB- CDP community loves you!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Is it over

I have been thinking many times, i don't know how it happened, a friendship that grew for more than a six years and now things seems like its gone (is it really gone and over?) if you ask me well for me its not, you saw me during my tough times, you always support me in all my endeavors you are my buddy when it comes to traveling, you're always there everytime i need you and i couldn't ask for more. Don't blame me i gave my all to be the best that  i can be, i don't blame you either, but i apologized from what i have done, i didn't mean it, its just happened no clues or what so ever, it's not also my intention maybe i just lay low for the mean time but don't think i already forgotten you or i am pushing you away coz its not i owe you a lot and i may not be here without a very good friend like you and I am so great full for having a friend someone like you.
I tried to settle what's between the two of us, i tried to reconnect but i feel you would rather choose not to continue.
If one day you feel you want to continue what we had started since day one i would gladly accept you with arms wide open. I'm still the one you knew from the start nothings change, im still your little sister and i would also want to thank you for everything thanks for the friendship for the laugh trip and for the good deeds you've done for me. Im still hoping that its not over yet. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hyundai Run for a Cause!

Another much awaited event this coming May! Last year the Hyundai run was became successful on their event, lots of runners join on this free run, and one of their highlights was the fire truck waited near the finish line and showered the runners, aside from that there were lots of photographers took photos during the event.
So watch out for the announcement on how to join.:)

Let’s help them reach 1,000 likes ->

Happy Running!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

yes its true!!its free!!!:)

Royal Sporting House, one of the leading retail sports shop in the Philippines will have the “Royal Sportsfest - Biggest Sale” happening on February 29 to March 04, 2012 at the Hall 2 of the SMX Convention Center from 10AM to 9PM.
The event will feature various brands going on sale up to 80% off on selected sports and casual footwear, sports apparels & equipment and other sports & lifestyle accessories.
RSH operates under single-brand & Multi brand stores which includes international brand such as Reebok, Umbro, Diadora, Rockport, Teva and Calcei.
Aside from the abovementioned in-house brands of RSH, other exciting brands will also join the sale event like Sugar Free & Blue, Sonnix, Tribu Outdoor Sandals, Levis Bags & Footwear, Sebago, Cushe, Hush Puppies, Prince, Brooks, Polar, Lonsdale, Reef, Anta, GBX, Oakley and many more.
The 5-day sale event will also have activities for the shoppers. Participate and win exciting prizes in the “Reebok shoot-out”, Diadora stencil art contest and strut your moves during the “Dance Craze” by Sugar Free & Blue.  Prizes and freebies also await the shoppers during the hourly raffle draws.
The event is FREE admission to the general public and all major credit cards are accepted with DTI-NCR Permit # A1-0137 Series of 2012. For more information about this exciting event, please call Royal Sporting House at 635-4301 and look for Ms. Villy Bay.