Saturday, December 3, 2011


Only fifteen days left and once again age increase by one year, oh well age is just a number and it is really depend on you how you live your life.,  and this time i am planning to go to a place that I've never been,  It took a while after my last travel, i decided to spend my special day and experience travel by myself.  Right now i'm doing my itinerary for that day..Why I do this? From the start i know i enjoyed it, i always look forward to visit different places, and because of reading various blogs about traveling it inspired me. Thanks to the blog site of  James (,  and to other travel bloggers your site are really informative..
I will post about my trip after i go there..
thank you..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hello and goodbye

It's really funny though the first time we met and from that day
"You light my way, you always take my breathe away
you smile at me when every time you look at me"

things happened so fast, we talked, we laughed
we cared, and we shared stuffs like that
but keep in mind we have to take it "slow
coz baby for you i'll lay it all on the line"

and as the day goes by this happiness i felt was
turned into sudden sadness,

it seems like there's something wrong
no matter how i fight for my feelings
i know it won't work out

Now it's time to say goodbye, let go and move on!!
"It's really over
you made your stand, you got me crying
as was your plan, but when my loneliness is thru
I'm gonna find another YOU"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the unexpected food trip1

Last week that was Oct. 15, 2011 i was walking along G. Araneta Ave. with my other office mates i suddenly invited them to eat but during that time i have other plan which is to register for a fun run event, and because i forced them to go with me we end up landed in one restaurant in Sto. Domingo Quezon City. The name of the resto was "Betty's" it is located near Angelicum College. we look at their menus and found out that their food was so interesting..I ordered creamy beef fettuccine with one slice of garlic bread and bottomless icetea for only P88.! imagine that!!? Actually all of their pasta meals were only P88. :)  they also have thin crust pizza that will range from P40-50..

and here are the food we ordered for only 780 pesos! good for four persons :)

St. Peter Life Run 2!

Oct. 23, 2011, Sunday morning together with my college friends Lacel, and Azza joined the St. Peter life run held in SM Mall of Asia, i registered last week for the 5k run event but yesterday when i dropped by in the main office of St.peter  i noticed that the enveloped they gave to me had a 10k marked, i looked for the person in-charge of the event and told her that i only register for a 5k run category. to cut the story short we exchanged numbers for the updates if there still available bib for the 5k run..oh well on the race day my friend Azza and i met in front of CSB (as always ) and because we really miss each other we chatted all the way!!!we laugh inside her car..When we reached the venue we decided to meet lacel, we hugged each other and started to chat again..hahaha, since our race bib is for 10k category and the girls told me that they don't want to run for that long coz all of us weren't ready for that category and unfortunate my contact person from St. peter didn't answer my call we decided to wait for the gun start of the 5K category,  we chatted all along from the start to finished! That was the most unforgettable run we ever had. we really enjoyed the event, we laugh just like the way we did when we were in CSB! we eat a lot! etc. After the event we had cup coffee together with ate nica!!!Great sunday morning with my pals! Thanks to St. Peter Life run 2 for a job well done event!! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typhoon Pedring wet n wild!

Typhoon Pedring enters PAR
September 27, 2011 it's about four in the morning where people is in amidst of their sleeping i guess rain poured outside while wind extremely blown.  I woke up around 5:15 in the morning and still hesitant to go to office due to the bad weather, few minutes had past until the weather forecaster announce that the Typhoon "Pedring" land fall in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).  I pushed myself to stand up and prepare, i made a cup of coffee while watching my favorite morning show and waiting for my hot water that i will going to use for my bathe.
It was 6:15 am i am almost ready to leave the house but the laziness continued to hit me. until finally after fifteen minutes in front of the television i decided to left.  I wore my jacket, grabbed my bag and put my flip flop on and hola!!^_^
    Around 7:10 am i was inside the FX together with the other passengers when one of the radio station announced that all government offices were suspended. Oh yes they announced it late and some of the passengers were laughing because of the late announcement and yes including me ^_^ coz one of the passenger said "tsk anu ba yan gobyerno ako e" 
and the karma bounced back at me when i arrived in the office. The management also suspended our office works ten minutes before i arrived. :))
     I stayed inside the office for awhile when grace my office mate came around, she's wet because of the heavy rain.  I offered her to have some coffee while were waiting for the rain to stop. We didn't notice that as time passed by we had lot's of stories we shared such as our previous jobs, people we used to work with etc.
     We decided to go home at around 9:30, still raining outside while strong wind touches our faces.  It's freezin cold outside, both of us are wet, our protection from the heavy rain and strong wind made no sense and yet we continued to walked  and enjoyed each others company and we don't care about the strong wind and  heavy rain..^_^ the "kwentuhan" itself doesn't stop and the rest is history....
     We parted our ways with a smiles on our faces, despite of the typhoon "Pedring" we both had a wonderful experience, laughing hard under the rain, both of are wet and who cares!! :)
Thank God we came home safe....:)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

moving on.

this time i would allow myself first to grieve for  few weeks or a month after i found out about his status, things happened so fast but i make sure that when i came back i am more wiser, happier, a new person and one who is stronger emotionally..I know things happened for a reason and i know myself that i can easily move on and carry this dilemma without people knowing what i had been experienced.......and now its time to say good a John Mayer song,
"It's really over, you made your stand,  
You got me crying, as was your plan, 
But when my loneliness is thru, 
I'm gonna find another you"

Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are some instances that we really doesn't even know where to go,  what decisions to be made despite of all the things that we need to consider.  People say no matter how smart a person is if they fell in love you didn't see the real picturesque whether it is wrong or right for as long as they are in love, they always use the heart and not the mind that's why they break the rule. Mind always know what is right but heart always win and insist what it wants.

Taking risk is also one factor which is sometimes make you strong and be a better person, but keep in mind that risk lead you also to pain, but if you know how to play the game just enjoy it.

But always remember if you make any mess makes sure you know how to clean it up. Do not make any moves that you will regret for the rest of your life. .There's no turning back

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

run, dance and eat!

It's been quite a while since the last time i joined race event and after that it won't follow any races  because of some reasons. Last Sunday  i woke early in the morning to push through my plan to go back on the road, i prepared myself and my stuff and leave in the house at 5am in the morning. I started to jog at Rizal Park going to CCP. It was really nice to see other people who also do the same routine on that morning, i saw some athletes from different university who also run along Roxas blvd. After a round of running at the ccp ramp i decided to stop and rest. i walked inside the harbor square and watched other people dancing and shaking their booties.. It is really fun to watch them and each and everyone are enjoyed dancing..
The following week i decided to jog again together with my mom, i left her to group of people inside the harbor square waiting for the instructor on that same morning while me i am busy running around the CCP loop together with the other runners, the weather was fine not too hot but it was also a cloudy day, oh well thank God the rain doesn't pour down. After i ran i decided to go back to my mom, i saw her dancing and shaking her bootee and its nice to see her also enjoying what she's doing on that morning, and it is also good  for her because she's a diabetic...After her aerobic session we decided to go home, we bought some "kakanin" for our breakfast..Our Sunday morning was fulfilled and enjoyed....=)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Morning

Samahan mo akong lumakad papalayo
at umiwas sa isang magulo at komplikadong mundo
Samahan mo akong umakyat ng bundok
at sabay tayong sisigaw sa tuktok
Samahan mo akong tumakbo
hanggang tayo'y makarating sa dulo
at kung sakali ika'y mapagod na
Sasamahan kitang magpahinga
hihiga tayo sa buhangin sa tabing dagat
at sa ilalim ng buwan at mga bituwin
Yayakapin kita sa iyong pagtulog
Yayakapin kita hanggang sa dumating
ang bagong umaga.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nikon D5100 Photo Competition Submission

please help me like my entry..
thank you very much..God bless
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Nikon D5100 Photo Competition Submission

Nikon D5100 Photo Competition Submission

Need help!please like my entry..
would much appreciate your cooperation..
thanks :) God Bless
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Nikon D5100 Photo Competition Submission

Saturday, April 30, 2011


of all the people i know why you?
why did you do this to me?
ive been good to you but why?

i was left alone, fooled and betrayed,
you don't know whats like to see
that your just wasting your time to
someone you cant even call your own.
and you dont know how much i wanted to say to you that
i want to be us.

from the start i know theres something wrong,
im hurting eventhough i know i shouldn't be
how i wish i can, but i can't.

you threw it all  and broke my heart.
i couldnt know it could hurt this so much.

how i wish i could turn back the time, those time
that we were okay..
i know there's no easy way to do this,
but you know what i want? all i want is just to tell me the truth
because its already hurt to much, and my heart has been
broken everytime i remember it.

you  become selfish and wondering why you treated me so bad
i want to end this.
and i want my heart to stop breaking..... :'(

Saturday, February 26, 2011

cant fight this feeling...

here i go again..same old me, but different stories in different time and place.

why? that is what im always asking to myself...
i thought everything was going to be alright after the pain ive been these past few months..
i was on the stage of moving on then..
suddenly you came, things moves so fast realized and admitted that we really like each other..
i want to hug you, i want to kiss you, but we both know what our situation really is.
i want our love to give a chance but everything are so complicated,COMPICATED!!!!and i hate it!

there are many times i tried to walked away, forget and let got the things what we had found out 
but i can' confused and still thinking what will happen next 
as days goes by my heart says i need you more..
im not asking you to leave her, nor ask you to choose me, 
i know it was really hard on your part but it's more painful to me, and yes nobody said it was easy...
hope things won't change like what we had before.....maybe we'll just wait for the right time to come...
someday, somehow we could be together......
Thanks for making me feel special....

i miss you, i miss your sweet thoughts, i miss the way we talked, 
i miss the way we said goodnight and the way we said good morning...
your still special to me you know who you are..or should i call you ASTROBOY?! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank You!

After 3 1/2 years of waiting finally im done. :)
Sleepless nights is over, three and half years and its all well paid off. because finally im done and im free. 
Now im going to the new battle field and leaving my roller coaster student life. Mix emotions, excited and at the same time sad, excited because im going back to the Corporate World which i really missed and sad because im gonna miss my friends, batch mates, and my high caliber professors.

To Malou and Eden, thanks for supporting me in my chosen path, im looking forward to have more trips and adventures with you guys..
 To all my friends and batchmates "BASAP13" including azza! you guys rock! thanks for the words of encouragement, support, laugh trip, food trip, and even emote trip!hehehe thanks for understanding me and for lending your shoulders when im down, for the warm hugs and for sharing your foods...:)

To my Adviser and to my panelist thanks for believing in me
To all my professors thanks for sharing your knowledge and for helping us..

To my family thank you very much i know you waited this for so long..To my mom thank you for you support!!
To all my runner friends, thanks for sharing some tips...Thank you very much!
Yo! Batman! thanks for inspiring me and made me smile even in a short period of time..
To my De La Salle Philippines family (DLSP) thanks for your big big help! it means a lot to me...
To my alma mater thank you very much! you made my dream come true, and thanks to all the Lasallian Brothers..:)

I know this words are not enough but from the bottom of my heart i will say it again... 
THANK YOU! you are the people behind my success!!

to all who read this thank you....ANIMO LA SALLE!
- J

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its you! yo!

Its 2011 already and yet i still cant get over heart still says its you, you that im always dreaming of, you who made me feel special even for awhile. you that i cannot really forget and i really don't know why? You who makes me kilig because of your simple message, i really don't know why that simple message makes me gaga! oh am i weird because of you? If only i could find the courage to tell you how much i really like you i will..I hope someday you will realize my worth, and i hope someday i find myself growing old with you. and I'll wait you in the finish line...I REALLY MISS YOU YO! sana ikaw nalang........