Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank You!

After 3 1/2 years of waiting finally im done. :)
Sleepless nights is over, three and half years and its all well paid off. because finally im done and im free. 
Now im going to the new battle field and leaving my roller coaster student life. Mix emotions, excited and at the same time sad, excited because im going back to the Corporate World which i really missed and sad because im gonna miss my friends, batch mates, and my high caliber professors.

To Malou and Eden, thanks for supporting me in my chosen path, im looking forward to have more trips and adventures with you guys..
 To all my friends and batchmates "BASAP13" including azza! you guys rock! thanks for the words of encouragement, support, laugh trip, food trip, and even emote trip!hehehe thanks for understanding me and for lending your shoulders when im down, for the warm hugs and for sharing your foods...:)

To my Adviser and to my panelist thanks for believing in me
To all my professors thanks for sharing your knowledge and for helping us..

To my family thank you very much i know you waited this for so long..To my mom thank you for you support!!
To all my runner friends, thanks for sharing some tips...Thank you very much!
Yo! Batman! thanks for inspiring me and made me smile even in a short period of time..
To my De La Salle Philippines family (DLSP) thanks for your big big help! it means a lot to me...
To my alma mater thank you very much! you made my dream come true, and thanks to all the Lasallian Brothers..:)

I know this words are not enough but from the bottom of my heart i will say it again... 
THANK YOU! you are the people behind my success!!

to all who read this thank you....ANIMO LA SALLE!
- J

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