Saturday, April 30, 2011


of all the people i know why you?
why did you do this to me?
ive been good to you but why?

i was left alone, fooled and betrayed,
you don't know whats like to see
that your just wasting your time to
someone you cant even call your own.
and you dont know how much i wanted to say to you that
i want to be us.

from the start i know theres something wrong,
im hurting eventhough i know i shouldn't be
how i wish i can, but i can't.

you threw it all  and broke my heart.
i couldnt know it could hurt this so much.

how i wish i could turn back the time, those time
that we were okay..
i know there's no easy way to do this,
but you know what i want? all i want is just to tell me the truth
because its already hurt to much, and my heart has been
broken everytime i remember it.

you  become selfish and wondering why you treated me so bad
i want to end this.
and i want my heart to stop breaking..... :'(

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