Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hello and goodbye

It's really funny though the first time we met and from that day
"You light my way, you always take my breathe away
you smile at me when every time you look at me"

things happened so fast, we talked, we laughed
we cared, and we shared stuffs like that
but keep in mind we have to take it "slow
coz baby for you i'll lay it all on the line"

and as the day goes by this happiness i felt was
turned into sudden sadness,

it seems like there's something wrong
no matter how i fight for my feelings
i know it won't work out

Now it's time to say goodbye, let go and move on!!
"It's really over
you made your stand, you got me crying
as was your plan, but when my loneliness is thru
I'm gonna find another YOU"

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