Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turned to Shades of Gray.......

A simple hi and hello means so much. 
I love the fact that you once made me smile 
and same as i do for you.  
Positive vibes turns to happiness, notices by people 
surrounded by you.
I love the way our conversations started.
I like the way we exchanges our thoughts
the way we've become true to ourselves.
and most specially I love who you are!
we  made things possible in spite the distances.
You don't know how much happiness you brought to me 
during those past days and nights.
You always made me worried
but you know how to take it away.

But things suddenly changed
those colorful days turned to the 
Shades of Gray
You gave up easily,You left unexpectedly,
We don't talk anymore
and i was left lost and empty.
Sweet curves in my lips was gone
Lonely nights pure of tears and sob.
My heart is in mourning.
and I keep on waiting.

How can i tell you
if your not here anymore

and i'm not moving in the place were you left me
coz i am still waiting and hoping
that one day you'll be back again...


**click here to play**(pepper)


  1. hahah im the girl version of "the man who can't be move". oh girl it's another story to tell, but life goes on as always. My story is a full bliss but as of now i'm enjoying what i have.. I will tell you if things fall in proper places..For the "Batman" thing you know how much i am into him but were not meant for each other..hahaha