Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Madness!

when random things and boredom combined
Its Friday madness!! I am here now in front of my computer, i am lost for almost a week now so eager to move and go somewhere due to things that keep popping in my head.  Today i was teary eyed while i was talking to an officemate. I told her that i want to go somewhere, knowing me as a real wanderlust i can able to go to a place on my own, i can do solo backpacking.  Maybe what i felt right now was because of a high level of stress. Stress to all the things that happened during last weekend.  Whenever i felt this all i want is to escape even just for a day to relieved the stress.  Plus the fact that until now i am worried about my application and in my documents if it's already arrived at the right time and at the right place. I don't know! I'm exasperated, another thing was i have had a roller coaster emotional feeling during last weekend. :'( But i am still thankful i had a very good friend who understand me and love me inside and out.
Oh please stress! stay away from me!!i really hate this feeling...

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