Friday, April 16, 2010


I am not a running enthusiast or a marathon addict but one thing i noticed was many people are going crazy about this thing, when im doing my research about my thesis paper I read about the growing population of a runners here in the Philippines, i was surprised because i have no idea with that, i have some friends who's also into this kind of activity, which is actually good to our health. :) but not me.. The only RUN i knew was when our school conduct a Fund raising campaign for scholarship or the so called " One Run, One Family, One La Salle"..but the rest i don't have any clue.. :) i want to share this because  i'm so curious about this kind of activity and i want to try it hope someday if i have time or chance :)..
Me and my friends tried to join in a fun run before but sad to say i'm having a hard time in waking up early in the morning so i decided not to other words TAMAD!!.. :) 
but because of the stress i feel right now i want to release it in some other way or in different way.....hhhhmmmmm should i try it? i think i have to invite first some friends to join me......... :)

Runners Newbie Guide
visit this link for other  run info...

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