Friday, April 30, 2010

forever I will.......

 BY: JRA....
Another night, another day
things come and go so fast
and there you go, you come my way
without knowing how things happen this way

You made me laugh even in a simple way
you also made me smile every single day
You light  up my world when it turns to gray......

Your eyes, your smile makes me weak....
Your voice tickles me every time you speak

I hate to see you with someone else
It makes me jealous and kills me into pieces
Coz you hurt my feelings and throw it away...

Maybe for you I am geek or weird
but all i can tell you what i feel for you is true
no matter what you say I will stay here
but if you want me to leave just say it clear
but before i go i want to tell you

jra. 4/30/2010

sometimes we have to be alert on the things coming on our way, cherish every moment of our life
treasured everything, every person who touch your life and walk with you in your journey no matter how short or long the time you spent time together.
some may go and take another path, some chose to stay and make sure everything will be okay...
Ive met different kind of people, all of them are became friend of mine, i cherished them and respect their thoughts
they are the people also cherished me and accept me for being who and what i am..
My name is "Jovel"  come and make friend with me...:)

Good night!

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