Sunday, August 22, 2010

Be Happy :-)

grabbed pic. from net =)
I want to share about the book I read last time; one night I  don’t know why my feet pushed me to go to our LRC and brought me into the book shelved where this book(How to be really really happy J) was located. When I borrowed it I don’t even think why that book was in my hand, suddenly while looking in the front and back of the book I realized that it was made by Bo Sanchez. He is also the author of the Christian magazine “Kerigma”. He's an author, entrepreneur, preacher and lay Evangelist in the Philippines..

While waiting the train in Vito Cruz station on my way home I started to read the book that I borrowed. Laugh trip from the first story up to the last at the same time very inspiring, and to think that time I was so depressed because of some reason, God knows how to put smile on my face, I immediately finished the whole book that night and until now it stick in my head each and every story that he wrote on it. I felt quite relieved after reading the book, and I realized that I am still blessed even without  expensive material stuffs on my hand, I am blessed because of so many reasons and I still have my family with me, a very dear friends and colleagues, batch mates, classmates, and even acquaintances that I treasured a lot. Those are the people that I can’t live without.  Ooops don't forget the jeepmates, trainmates, hahah esp. our drivers

Remember And when things go wrong you must not quit, face challenges fearlessly and in the end you will get your reward.

Few weeks ago my classmates encounter the same feeling I felt last time, so I told him about the book, I share it also to my other batch mates and they find time to read it,  after reading it they told me that the book was helpful. So if you want to be happy find time to read this book its great! I’m not here to promote  the book and not also an avid fun of Mr. Bo Sanchez but I’m here to share some happy experiences that we had. Enjoy!!
i think the reason why i borrowed it its because he wanted me to smile and think happy thoughts..=)

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