Wednesday, September 1, 2010

goodbye for now =(

Dear social life….
                Starting next term I will deprive myself from the activities that would might affect my time in doing my thesis paper…Social life I know we’ve been together for a long time, and as the time passes by I started to loving you more, I’m happy every time were together especially those adventure trips and most unforgettable moments of my life…but for the mean time I need to break up with you and focus my attention with this so called “Thesis” sucks! know how much I love you! You know how much I wanted to explore different places and things but don’t worry ill get back to you after I finally break up with this. And hopefully this would be the last, Ill promise after I succeed on this I will start to explore again…maybe for now the only possible I could do is running so my mind can relax and refresh as well..Wish me luck on my final battle..Hope this could be my last…I don’t want to prolong my agony…Hope we could make it! I need motivation and at the same time inspiration…could it be yo!

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