Friday, October 22, 2010


my marketing buddies!seatmates, chat mates, etc.

It was Thursday night and i have a class in Business Law, i came late in the class due to heavy rain and unfortunately i forgot to bring my umbrella, 4:20- pm was my first class scheduled in SDA building, my prof. dismissed our class late, so i have to be in a hurry and need not to be late on my 2nd class, but it was raining when i went out in the building so i stayed in the waiting area where the car passes by to fetch some students. While waiting for the rain to stop the guard in front of me shout "taft!akic!,taft,akic" referring to the school i decided to ride in the ejeep going to the main building, but still i came late in my buslaw2 class, but anyway the flow of the discussion was smooth, my professor is always in the mood to discuss every topic and he always make the whole class laugh every time he notice us that were getting bored about the discussion ooppss except the pabibo students...:) i wont forget this day!! the best ever laugh trip i experience in his class, the first was poch! 2nd was me because of some reason, and 3rd one is azza and the rest is history...i will not forget the favorite line of our prof. "LISTEN!LISTEN! CLASS LISTEN! hahah because most of us was chatting....oopppss im guilty! ^_^ hmmm it reminds me the bagnet! bagnet party! and the OROFOLS run event....laugh trip all the way!!well this is our life, this is our story...until next laugh trip story....^_^

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