Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks to the wonderful year of 2010

The year 2010 has been a fruitful year to me, from the first quarter up to the last, i know i have lots of complaint about what happening from my day to day life but still i never gave up in fact i chose to stay in the battle field, even though I lost my job mid of the year, i experienced too much of sleepless nights, i loss to much weight because of my thesis, i diet myself from traveling because i need to focus on it. and in the end it is well paid off. :)
i found new activity which i enjoyed most (Running) :) and from that I met new friends, Fell in and out of love (again)  :) oh well thanks to batman for being my inspiration :) im looking forward to see you again..:)
God grant me a wonderful year of 2010, I am indeed blessed.
Thanks to those people who became part of my journey for this year. Thanks for the good thoughts, advices, thanks for the tears and laughters that we shared, for the never ending sharing of stories..Thanks for the love and thank you for making me HAPPY!....... :)
for my running mates you guys rock!!!:) more runs for next year!!
I am looking forward for a prosperous year for 2011, new career, another adventurous  journey, lots of travel, eat a lot, try again new things, meet new people and good health....
Thank God  and Goodbye 2010....=)

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