Sunday, October 23, 2011

St. Peter Life Run 2!

Oct. 23, 2011, Sunday morning together with my college friends Lacel, and Azza joined the St. Peter life run held in SM Mall of Asia, i registered last week for the 5k run event but yesterday when i dropped by in the main office of St.peter  i noticed that the enveloped they gave to me had a 10k marked, i looked for the person in-charge of the event and told her that i only register for a 5k run category. to cut the story short we exchanged numbers for the updates if there still available bib for the 5k run..oh well on the race day my friend Azza and i met in front of CSB (as always ) and because we really miss each other we chatted all the way!!!we laugh inside her car..When we reached the venue we decided to meet lacel, we hugged each other and started to chat again..hahaha, since our race bib is for 10k category and the girls told me that they don't want to run for that long coz all of us weren't ready for that category and unfortunate my contact person from St. peter didn't answer my call we decided to wait for the gun start of the 5K category,  we chatted all along from the start to finished! That was the most unforgettable run we ever had. we really enjoyed the event, we laugh just like the way we did when we were in CSB! we eat a lot! etc. After the event we had cup coffee together with ate nica!!!Great sunday morning with my pals! Thanks to St. Peter Life run 2 for a job well done event!! :)

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