Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typhoon Pedring wet n wild!

Typhoon Pedring enters PAR
September 27, 2011 it's about four in the morning where people is in amidst of their sleeping i guess rain poured outside while wind extremely blown.  I woke up around 5:15 in the morning and still hesitant to go to office due to the bad weather, few minutes had past until the weather forecaster announce that the Typhoon "Pedring" land fall in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).  I pushed myself to stand up and prepare, i made a cup of coffee while watching my favorite morning show and waiting for my hot water that i will going to use for my bathe.
It was 6:15 am i am almost ready to leave the house but the laziness continued to hit me. until finally after fifteen minutes in front of the television i decided to left.  I wore my jacket, grabbed my bag and put my flip flop on and hola!!^_^
    Around 7:10 am i was inside the FX together with the other passengers when one of the radio station announced that all government offices were suspended. Oh yes they announced it late and some of the passengers were laughing because of the late announcement and yes including me ^_^ coz one of the passenger said "tsk anu ba yan gobyerno ako e" 
and the karma bounced back at me when i arrived in the office. The management also suspended our office works ten minutes before i arrived. :))
     I stayed inside the office for awhile when grace my office mate came around, she's wet because of the heavy rain.  I offered her to have some coffee while were waiting for the rain to stop. We didn't notice that as time passed by we had lot's of stories we shared such as our previous jobs, people we used to work with etc.
     We decided to go home at around 9:30, still raining outside while strong wind touches our faces.  It's freezin cold outside, both of us are wet, our protection from the heavy rain and strong wind made no sense and yet we continued to walked  and enjoyed each others company and we don't care about the strong wind and  heavy rain..^_^ the "kwentuhan" itself doesn't stop and the rest is history....
     We parted our ways with a smiles on our faces, despite of the typhoon "Pedring" we both had a wonderful experience, laughing hard under the rain, both of are wet and who cares!! :)
Thank God we came home safe....:)

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