Friday, May 11, 2012

Is it over

I have been thinking many times, i don't know how it happened, a friendship that grew for more than a six years and now things seems like its gone (is it really gone and over?) if you ask me well for me its not, you saw me during my tough times, you always support me in all my endeavors you are my buddy when it comes to traveling, you're always there everytime i need you and i couldn't ask for more. Don't blame me i gave my all to be the best that  i can be, i don't blame you either, but i apologized from what i have done, i didn't mean it, its just happened no clues or what so ever, it's not also my intention maybe i just lay low for the mean time but don't think i already forgotten you or i am pushing you away coz its not i owe you a lot and i may not be here without a very good friend like you and I am so great full for having a friend someone like you.
I tried to settle what's between the two of us, i tried to reconnect but i feel you would rather choose not to continue.
If one day you feel you want to continue what we had started since day one i would gladly accept you with arms wide open. I'm still the one you knew from the start nothings change, im still your little sister and i would also want to thank you for everything thanks for the friendship for the laugh trip and for the good deeds you've done for me. Im still hoping that its not over yet. 

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