Monday, July 9, 2012

Life goes on...

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I never forget a professor who is concerned much like a father, gave advices and words of wisdom to his students he handled, and i found it all to this man named Mr. Brendan Yu.  Decemeber 2010 to be axact, date of my defense that was my first time and my close encounter of this high caliber professor, at first i was intimidated by him but after those words he threw me lots of good advices, he gave lots of encouragements and he push my limits to gave my all in my paper. He always believed in the capacity of his students, for him your fate is not base on your paper but on how you deal with if you're already in the outside world(Corporate World). He's an inspiration of each student and he has a most kind hearted person.

Thank you sir Brendan for opening our eyes and our mind to the reality, for sharing your knowledge to us. I am very grateful that we cross our path even for just a short period of time, i will never forget a very good professor like you.

It's really hard to say good bye but we all know that this is not the end.  We'll always remember you as a good person and an inspiration.

I salute you for being such a good man! Kudos to all your kind deeds..
Rest In Peace sir! DLSU-CSB- CDP community loves you!!

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