Monday, June 14, 2010

Side Trip! The Lingayen & Zambales escapade


From Lingayen to Zambales
Finally after 3 weeks! this is how the story goes ;)
Plus the fact that Lingayen is also one of the historical places in the Philippines.

After we enjoyed some stuff under the sun we went to another artist place which was kuya Patrick’s Bacolor place, they prepared food for us *yummy* ;) and exchanged different stories from different people, different ideas about arts. That was a great escape with kaye and the Dagupan Artist. Even for a while we made a short escape but memorable. We wont forget the warm welcome and the yummy food they prepared for us.but sad we didn’t push our second plan which is anawangin because we don’t have enough time and another thing was we have work scheduled for the following day..but we enjoy our stay in Lingayen! Thanks to the Dagupan Artist kuya Patrick, Boni, Jojit and Pats! Until the next BANGUS FESTIVAL!!

Another place to remember was Zambales, when you say Zambales one thing came to your mind was a delicious taste of their Mango*drooling* =p, but some people doesn’t even know about the secluded beach there. So if you want a great escape or sweet escape visit this place!

First stop Camara Island, six in the morning we started the Island hopping getaway together with our bankero manong Rolly our first stop was the Camara Island were the San Marino corned tuna commercial (with marian & ding dong cast) was shot. It was a small island but it has a beautiful and powdery white sand with a huge of different rock formation =)..Near the island was the small camara island too. You can also stay here overnight but remember there are no electricity here and no phone signal. In front of these island was the pundakit a 5 to 10 minutes travel by boat from pundakit proper going here in Camara Island.


Second Capones Island
Capones Island was also a big island a 15 minutes boat ride from pundakit, you can go up there to see the light house and the real beauty of the water and the other Island

It was a relaxing place,great venue for pre-nuptial shoot because of the nice and romantic view. Except for the creepy lighthouse =) but all in all it was amazing! You will appreciate the real creation of God and how creative he is! =)

Third stop Anawangin the place to be.! It was a very cozy place a combination of Boracay and Baguio a white sand beach (mixed of lahar sand and beach sand) the pine tree were you can only seen in Baguio, the clear sea water and the island itself that there are no electricity and no phone signal(like cast away or the beach movie type). 

You can explore in the Island actually there is a river at the back of it were lots of people taking pictures you can stay there if you want or take a walk and go to other side of anawangin but always remember to be safe.
The place was really nice there were lots of campers and beach lovers stayed in the island. If you want to stay there overnight you have to bring your own tent coz there are no cottages or room there to stay.  And if you have problem about the comfort room there are 5 I think comfort rooms there, but the water is came from poso so its not safe to drink bring your own drinking water

How to get there?
You can ride a bus Victory Liner(Caloocan or Cubao branch) going to Iba Zambales tell to the driver to drop you to San Antonio. The fare from Caloocan to San Antonio Zambales was
Php 251(as of May 2010) and From San Antonio ride a tricycle going to pundakit(much better to have a contact person in that place, tricycle fare was Php 100.00 and for you safety don’t travel at night because the road going to pundakit was very dark so better to travel early in the morning or afternoon but not in the evening (better safe than be sorry).. Island hopping is about Php 1200 to 2000 good for 2 to 3 person and you will visit the three islands which are Camara Island, Capones & Anawangin. But if you don’t want the island hop and want to stay only in Anawangin you would pay Php 1000.00 for the boat from pundakit to anawangin back and fort. And you have to pay Php 100.00/each as entrance fee and set up your tent for an overnight stay. Bring your own food coz there’s no public market there only the sari-sari store. But early in the morning there’s someone selling fresh fish in Pundakit Island you can buy there if you want, but it is nice if you could bring your own food so you can save your money.

If you don’t want to stay overnight in Anawangin you can also stay in Pundakit Island, there’s an electricity and phone signal there and you can also avail a room from P1500 and up. There are lots of adventurer also stay and spend their night there and the following day early in the morning they started their island hopping. Until our next trip!

Always make sure that your things are in safe! You can bring sip lock plastic bag so you can put there your e-gadgets while traveling in a boat since the water condition is unpredictable.


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