Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nescafe Samalamig

Nescafe Samalamig commercial...as one of the requirement of our professor in Electronic Marketing or EMARKE, he told us to make a reaction about the commercial, what would be the impact to the viewers and make suggestion about it.There are are two TV commercials launched by Nestle and here is one of the sample of the Nescafe "Samalamig"

as i noticed the first samalamig commercial launched last 2006 with a cute reggae music focused only on the sexy girls on the beach and caught the attention of one guy sitting on the shore and drinking his cold nescafe coffe, the second commercial was launched in last 2009 the shot was still in the beach but it was mixed by a men and women and it was like the models are preparing for the war but in fact they were preparing for the ice cold nescafe coffee.
since it was a cold version of coffee they released it on summer season where people going crazy to go to the beaches to chill and this is also the way of  nestle company to promote their coffee even in hot summer season but they put a twist on the coffee.

another ads by Nestle is the 

1. "LIKE" Nescafe Philippines Fan Page.
2. Email a photo of you with your Nescafe Samalamig drink along with a write-up to nescafe@samalamig.com.
3. Most liked photo entries get a chance to win IPADS!

this ads encourage the facebooks users or the internet users to visit their social networking page in facebook and by clicking the "LIKE" button it also gives impact to the company and to the product itself. because by visiting the page it creates traffic at the same time users will get some info about whats new on nescafe coffee. This page also encourage the people to drink or to try the nescafe coffee because they have the photo contest including the short write ups about their experience in preparing their nescafe samalamig coffee.

The Web Site

Nestle create a website for the nescafe, in this picture you can see here on what their website have, if you are a coffee addict you can visit their website and click samalamig recipe and you will see their different flavors and mixes using nescafe coffee.
but there is one thing who caught my attention,The Pinoytastic adventure of poreyn gerry, a foreigner guy named gerry. a guy who has a pusong pinoy! =)

since nestle come up with the big marketing campaign and spend lots of money for the commercial of samalamig the product has give a good impact to the viewers and same with the internet users especially those people who spend their time online.
Their photo contest and write ups also give them the assurance on how people react on their product, with that they can improve more the quality of the nescafe base on the write ups and reactions of the consumers about their product.
They can also promote a game for summer that will cater to those students who wants adventure since they made an adventure of poreyn gerry, i think it is good also to make a contest like amazing race, and for those who wants to join they will visit the website of nescafe samalamig to know about the mechanics of the said contest. They will only look for the information through online.

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