Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cell Phone all in one!

Many of the consumers nowadays depend on a cellphone which have more features.  Promegranate NS08, this phone has lots of features, it is actually a functional phones with coffee brewer, video projector, live voice translator, harmonica and even shave, this are only the additional feature of this Promegranate NS08 where you can't find in any other phone. But the question is is this for real?

Actually the campaign was good, and quite interesting, in this kind of advertisement it caught the attention of thousands of people in the internet world and all over the world, the company spend too much for this ad campaign which became really successful. The Promegranate Phone ad  campaign was part of the Nova Scotia which spend $300,000.
Nova Scotia is one of the small province in Southeastern Canada. The ad was to promote the small province for the tourist, the government of Nova Scotia need to find a unique way to promote their place, and they come up with this kind of ad where people are very into a newest and latest smartphones.

All in all the ad campaign was pure fake but in the end it is really an eye catching campaign. Because thousands of people keep on searching about the phone just to look what's best features about it.
And in this ad they reach not only the people from Canada but all over the world to inform and to promote the place of Nova Scotia.

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