Monday, July 19, 2010


Brand for many of us is an identity of the product. Before having a good brand name made a good profit for a company. It’s easy for them to promote it in the market, and by using the 3 traditional ads which are Television, Prints, and Radio they invest a lot to make ads for the product. But within this traditional ad campaign they reach limited customers, because not all people have time to watch television because nowadays both men and women are now working, they are the typical people who leave early in the morning in their house and came home late.  Maybe they’ve seen some ads campaign through billboards but it’s limited. Those are some fact that the company didn’t notice. If your product is a well known brand like for example “Bench” they also used the traditional ads campaign but for some maybe the “Bench” company no need to advertise, why? Because it is a well establish brand and people already tried their product and still go back in their store to buy their stuff. They also used a celebrity endorser to endorse their product. But what about the faceless brand? Before if you are a company and owning a product which is not well known in the market your company is at risk. But now because of the new technology there are many things we can do through the use of internet.  And you don’t need higher amount of money to advertise your product; in a virtual world only thing you need is to know how to make an ad in the net, and it’s up to you also as a company owner if you want a paid advertisement or not.  Like in Seven Eleven which is their Big bite” before their Big bite product is not a well known product, you will only know about if someone told you to try to taste it. In that way it is also the way of transferring information to others through word of mouth. Another one is the Bayantel Lola Techie ad campaign in television, now they enter in a new world which is the virtual world they create a fan page for the endorser(lola techie), even the twitter, and plurk, through this campaign they create a big traffic and they reach thousands of people through internet.

Having a faceless brand today is not a big issue, its up only to the company what strategies they will use to promote their product. Especially for those companies who can’t afford to use the traditional ad campaign, they can enter in the internet world and place their ad for free. Great imagination and creativity is the only key to be successful, and entering in virtual world is the answer for those who want to promote their product. And there are many social networking sites which are free, like facebook, multiply, friendster etc. they can even post their product in the other sites which also free and plus the fact that right now the number of internet users here in the Philippines are continue rising.

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