Saturday, July 24, 2010

First time runners!

Yat’s and the Gang! On the Run!

I remember the last time I made a blog about running stuff. And now finally I knew what the real thing about joining in this event!

July 18, 2010, nice weather for the first time runner like me, it was a cloudy Sunday and I was in The fort together with my friends to join in the event of “One Run One Family One La Salle” it’s a fun run for the benefit of the “One Million Trees” Campaign of La Salle..

Me, and my friends Azza, Cris, Kux, Paul, Tanya and batch mate karen joined in a 3k run, everyone is excited from different La Salle Schools, students, professors, alumni’s were yelling at the starting lane,6:05 am the 3k run was started. On the half of the race some of them started to get tired, and started to walk, some are thirsty and some are complaining about their legs maybe most of us are first timers....

Anyway the event was fun, the people are friendly and the gang was full of energy though most of us were hungry and last is the great bonding. Thanks to Kux who always make us laugh! =D laugh trip all the way after the run...

and finally after a few months of curiosity about fun run I finally made it together and run with my closest friends! I'm planning it before the last time I made a blog about it, but since I don’t have time and I don’t know who’s the one I could grabbed to joined with me coz most of us are busy, I’ll just wait for the right time to come. And it happened! I love my will power! =)

It was a self fulfilling when we finished the 3k, even though were not that so good, and our legs get hurt for 2 days and I don’t know how to stepped down the stairs of LRT because of the pain  but still we had fun. And were planning again to join in another fun run! Woooohoooo! I can’t wait!

Race Result:

Paul 22.39
vel 24.28
Kux 25.58
Azza 31.56
Tanya 31.57
Cris 37.37

Running might not add years to your life, but it definitely adds life to
your years - Jim fixx

Who wants to join with us!!!!!!!!Text me!!!!!! :D

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