Monday, September 6, 2010

Lonely but happy Sunday morning!

September 5, 2010..I woke up early this morning to prepare and what stuffs to bring on my scheduled run. The event was a “Heritage Run” a campaign of Department of Tourism to promote the Manila  and attract tourism as well. On my way on the said event i noticed that there were some students waiting in LRT, wearing their NSTP uniform, i found out that there was an Alay Lakad also on that same day. When i reached the V.cruz station it was another big event, i heard drums rolling and yells coming from the front of our school, when i went down i remember  it was the first day of the Bar Exam held in La Salle.  There were lots of future lawyers waiting in the middle of the taft v.cruz, some where busy glancing on their reviewer while others  were waiting on the side of stores. I was with choi that time  he saw also  his runningmates  and other groups when we were in LRT, we ride a shuttle going to PICC when the jeepney stops near BSP the group decided to jog going to Manila film center then i have no choice i joined in their group, for me they were veterans! Veterans when it comes to running! ;D  For them LSD was just a simple run but for  me because im a newbie its not. I can’t go along with their fast paces. In short i left alone and i ran alone from PICC going to manila city hall. Hahaha poor me! :D but still i had fun because it was my first time to run in manila bay area there were lots of joggers, runners, bikers and ageing people who joined in aerobics session there. At the same time it didnt makes me boring because i enjoyed on what ive seen while running,
 especially students who joined the alay lakad that time (oopss i miss my h.s days). When i reached intramuros manila i decided to change route and go home.. now i know i can run alone, but i can’t live alone in this world. :P 

Heritage Run Sept. 5, 2010
photos grabbed from the album of Mr. Rodel Argonaut Cuaton

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