Thursday, September 16, 2010

A night in triangle

This was the most awaited week of all the DLS-CSB student, a one week vacation after 3 months of spending our time in doing our projects, term papers, quizes, exams, etc. Since its our term break and we have a one week vacation azza and i decided to run in ayala triangle last night, actually we planned to run last week but since we have a busy schedule and its our final exam in one of our major subject we decided to drop by in triangle and watched the people run in that area. after that we went off to adidas glorietta to ask for the passport. Then last night we push through our plan, and i invited one of my friend to joined with us. When we were there we saw a group from that were supposed to joined but unfortunately were shy to approach them. So we started to run and we followed the pacing of the group. It was fun and tiring though relaxing as well. We find time to relax and released our stress after the toxic days from school. Sad to say but we can’t do it again next week because the second term is about to open on Sept. 20, 2010 and we have class schedule every Tuesday since the session of the adination is every Tuesday only.  But still we look forward to meet the adination ayala peeps and the other takbo peeps...

Ayala triangle, Makati photo grabbed from the net. .Kit Tabuso photography

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