Tuesday, September 6, 2011

run, dance and eat!

It's been quite a while since the last time i joined race event and after that it won't follow any races  because of some reasons. Last Sunday  i woke early in the morning to push through my plan to go back on the road, i prepared myself and my stuff and leave in the house at 5am in the morning. I started to jog at Rizal Park going to CCP. It was really nice to see other people who also do the same routine on that morning, i saw some athletes from different university who also run along Roxas blvd. After a round of running at the ccp ramp i decided to stop and rest. i walked inside the harbor square and watched other people dancing and shaking their booties.. It is really fun to watch them and each and everyone are enjoyed dancing..
The following week i decided to jog again together with my mom, i left her to group of people inside the harbor square waiting for the instructor on that same morning while me i am busy running around the CCP loop together with the other runners, the weather was fine not too hot but it was also a cloudy day, oh well thank God the rain doesn't pour down. After i ran i decided to go back to my mom, i saw her dancing and shaking her bootee and its nice to see her also enjoying what she's doing on that morning, and it is also good  for her because she's a diabetic...After her aerobic session we decided to go home, we bought some "kakanin" for our breakfast..Our Sunday morning was fulfilled and enjoyed....=)

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